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I’m just going to say this one more time, I’m just hoping people are being honest when they are giving the prayers. There’s a big difference between saying something and meaning it. I’m not picking a fight with any kpop fan because I’m a kpop fan too. However, I’m just saying people should be honest and seripis about their prayers. Because I have seen some nasty posts not only tumblr But everywhere. It’s ridiculous that some people are very upset about postponed comebacks because of the tragedy. Anyone can type prayers and grieves, But the most important thing is the honesty and meaning.

/cont. i'm not saying you're wrong and that we shouldn't care more about the people we don't see, but the fact is that the ferry tragedy is all over the news, and the fact that we hear about students sending texts to their parents as they die is something we don't see that often. If there are causes you think are being ignored, take a moment to educate people instead of picking fights because you don't think people's grief and worry are real, please. We are devastated. - a South Korean

I’m not picking a fight. I simply said I hope people are really being honest and sincere. It’s nice to have prayers, But I would want an honest prayer than not. That’s why I’m saying please be sincere and honest about your prayers than not. During the tsunami incident in Japan I haven heard phone calls from my family residing in Japan, I’ve seen posts of prayers great, But then I met those who are praying because of anime, because they want there anime back. I’m not accusing all kpop fans because look at me I’m a kpop fan. It’s great to have a human heart, But I believe if people have the heart to pray for south Korea and Let the world know, then they too should be aware of Those who are suffering as well. But yes I have seen posts read some brutal things about fans upset about there oppas comeback. Yet they still said they are grieving with the people. to me That’s not being honest if they are being very upset about idols postponing due to this incident. So I’m not saying all kpop fans, I’m just hoping they really are being honest. There’s a big difference saying it and showing it.

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